Vision & Mission


A message from our President, Stephan Leclerc.

You have a revolutionary idea that could one day change the health care industry. But your skill set involves only one aspect of making your dream a reality. Perhaps you are a scientist with a new vitamin formulation. Or an athlete with a combination of products that works for you. Or an entrepreneur with a long string of successes.

Whatever your idea, whatever your background, you still need help reaching the marketplace. That’s where we come in.

Welcome to NewPharma GNTIK Laboratory Inc., in operation since 2006. We are experts in creating, formulating, designing and marketing new and innovative health products. We can meld our skills with yours to develop a strong product and winning marketing strategy. We will work together for your success.

We hope you enjoy looking through the pages on our website, to find out a little bit about us and get a feel for what we love to do.

We are passionately focused on building a team of great people who aspire to be the best they can be, who execute their tasks superbly, who contribute to a winning culture and who willingly and enthusiastically pursue the goal of improving the quality of human life.

We will deliver the right products to our customers exactly on time, we will exceed our internal and external customer requirements through ongoing individual and corporate improvement, and we will provide a secure environment for hard-working, dedicated, knowledgeable and ethical employees who firmly believe in the goals of our company and those of our customers.