Building a Better Supply Chain

Suppliers of dietary ingredients should be held to the same quality standards as product manufacturers. Debate over the appropriate testing methodology of herbal extracts continues to rage on within the industry. The trade associations appear to be fractured on the issue and the industry simply appears to be confused as to the appropriate course of…
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Supply Chain Qualification

Complying with GMP regulation involves more than keeping your facility in compliance. It’s also essential to verify your supply chain is compliant with the regulation. We can perform supply chain GMP audits as needed at your request or on an ongoing basis to maintain certification. Benefits of Qualification Manufacturers and retailers rely on NSF to…
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Contract Manufacturing Benefits

The Benefits of Contract Manufacturing Contract manufacturing is a process in which one company outsources a job to another company, typically for the creation of a specific part or full product that is needed. There are many benefits to this type of outsourcing on a contract manufacturing basis. Although you do not have to outsource…
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