NewPharma GNTIK Laboratory Inc. just move to a new “state of the Art” facility.

Now, more than ever, NewPharma GNTIK Laboratory Inc. is well-equipped to efficiently handle medium and large production runs, which means that we are well-positioned to grow with your brand. We can design a variety of delivery systems in multiple packaging formats, so you can offer your customers several options. We will work with you to develop strategies unique to your product, industry and target market.

As your dedicated partner, we can offer you competitive prices because of our established high-volume buying power with key supplier partners. We work with you to source ingredients that fit within your budget, without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. With varying capacities of production equipment available, NewPharma GNTIK Laboratory Inc. can cost-effectively price your production needs to fit your budget.

Many of our clients have engaged with us for years, and have grown into large, natural health brands. Having a trusted and committed, manufacturing partner they can count on allows them to innovate, grow and expand their brand line-up, without having to worry about the challenges of production.

We continually invest in new proficiencies, technologies and training to stay at the forefront of supplement manufacturing. We freely share our industry and technical knowledge with our clients, to save them time and money from unexpected headaches or regulatory obstacles. We recognize that, by enabling your brand to be successful, it will directly impact our own company’s growth and success.

When you partner with NewPharma GNTIK Laboratory Inc., you can be confident that you will receive high-quality products, delivered on schedule, and at a competitive price.